Millet Tea


Sip the wholesome blend of our millet tea—nutrient-rich, aromatic, and a delightful alternative to traditional brews. Elevate your well-being, one flavorful cup at a time!

Ingredients of Millet tea

  • Tea dust
  • Pearl millet
  • Finger millet
  • Sorgham millet
  • Maize,clove
  • Barley
  • Groundnut
  • Sago
  • Bengal gram
  • Cashewnut
  • Cardamon
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Cooking instructions for one glass serving of millet tea

  • Take 1.5 teaspoon full (6G) of millet tea powder & add sugar for taste
  • Cook in 2/3rd glass of water to form millet tea decoction
  • Simultaneously boil half a glass of milk
  • Add boiled milk to millet tea decoction
  • Stir it well, and cook in low flame for a minute and strain
  • Now your refreshing , nutritious and tasty millet tea is ready to be consumed


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